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I produce, arrange, teach, play trumpet, EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), breathe music and love all things creative. I lead a number of bands, Bruce Cassidy’s Mbaqanga, (which features South African Township music), One World Trio (a world music project)  and Bruce Cassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra (a 10 piece wide-format band) populated by the finest virtuoso players in my chosen hometown of Toronto Canada. My latest project is Bruce Cassidy’s Anti-Gravity Machine and I traveled to Johannesburg South Africa to launch it. See a short rehearsal clip below. I teach music theory at York University in Toronto where I am a PhD candidate. Please browse my site – leave a comment on the contact page and let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way.

In November 2016 I traveled to South Africa to launch my new chamber-jazz project

Bruce Cassidy’s Anti-Gravity Machine

Below is a short video clip courtesy of Maciej Lacny.


From 1978 to 1980 I was musical director of Blood Sweat and Tears – here is a video from an appearance on a German TV show during a 1980 tour.



Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Michael Colgrass has written a wonderful piece of music that shows off the EVI. It was premiered with the Esprit Orchestra  on April 17, 2014.  Below is Michael’s note about the composition:

Dragon for Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) and orchestra was commissioned by the Esprit Orchestra of Toronto under a grant from the Ontario Arts Council for Toronto’s EVI soloist Bruce Cassidy.
Dragon was inspired by writer Stieg Larsson’s trilogy about Lisbeth Salander, the girl with the dragon tattoo. She is a ruthless, ingenious computer hacker with a photographic memory. She also packs mace and a Taser and can take out guys twice her size (she’s only 4′ 11″ and 90 pounds!). Her appearance says it all: she wears black-studded leather, lots of piercings and a T-shirt that says “This is fair warning.”
The EVI’s wild sounds brilliantly capture Lisbeth’s complex personality. She is merciless with enemies but gentle with those in need—especially abused women, because she was abused as a child.
Dragon was first conceived as a work in graphic notation—simple abstract markings that represent musical events—and later filled in with rhythms and pitches. The work includes sections of pure improvisation for the EVI and selected members of the orchestra
Dragon performance 2014 HB photo

My latest release ‘My African Heart’ is an album of South African themes played by my 10 piece band and some tracks by my quintet. Here is a track from that album:

Mid-Atlantic Blues

You can get a digital version of the album and view all the tracks on iTunes.

From a performance at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario featuring the Mississauga Big Band which I conduct together with my Hotfoot Orchestra. Feb 21, 2014
At the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga Ontario with the Mississauga Big Band and my Hotfoot Orchestra Feb 21, 2014


Bambrick/Cassidy Jazz FM interview

Recording of Hugh’s Room show (in two parts) – broadcast Oct 27, 2013 on Jazz FM


Tribute to Hugh Masekela – live recording – part A

Tribute to Hugh Masekela – live recording – part B

  Tribute to Hugh gig Aug 8-2013



  1. Hi, loved the show at the Rex last night. You played a composition that had a long slowly evolving groove under the solos, I think it was called “Kaniza Blue” that you said captured the spirit of the townships. Is it recorded anywhere?


    Dean from London

  2. Hello Bruce and sorry for my broken english…..I speak better french (or spanish……)Your career is …..unbelievable…….Just to say an enormous bravo……..I’m playing saxophone & flute, but fell in love with the EWI long time ago and decided to record 10 tunes in a quartet setting, with the EWI as the singer….Even if the idea is more or less a “jazz” quartet,I tried to play different rhythms ( a “mazurka”from Martinique,a 6/8 between Peru and Venezuela written by Paquito D’Rivera……etc…..)There are many people playing the EVI(and the EWI too),but very few of them accomplished what you did : have a real identity and play like a “normal “instrument……With colors,nuances,dynamics……Very often people playing those instruments seem to have an obsession with the technology….One year ago,I asked to Bob Mintzer(playing in Paris with Yellow Jacquets…)wich effects he was using…..”Nothing he said, internal sounds+ internal effects”….. I’m preparing other tunes with the EWI ……For now, my CD is called EWI DANCE and is on DEEZER , SPOTIFY,i TUNES etc…Again,thank you very much for the inspiration and the talent…….Philippe

    • Hi Philippe – Thank you for your kind words. I will check out your site. If you are in Toronto sometime do look me up and we can get together for a beer and share notes. – very best BC

  3. Oh That would be Qinisa Indlu – a Zulu style groove. You can find that on my album My African Heart on YouTube.
    Thanks for the note Dean

    • Hi Man – Great to hear from you.
      Running tonight with teaching tomorrow and gig Saturday. So cool you are playing again. Very best to you and yours and our mutual friends.
      We need a catch-up big time! I’m at Bruce@BruceCassidyMusic.com. My Skype username is ‘gazork’ Let’s chat. Much love!

  4. Good evening Bruce. Just saw your piece on City News. Congratulations on your recent graduation. This is a fantastic story and until now, did not know of your impressive career to date, a very extensive resume indeed. I am a huge music/jazz fan and your dedication is inspirational to say the least. Power forward and I will surely be following you from today forward. All the very best.

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