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‘My African Heart’ album release was held at the Rex Hotel in Toronto Canada on Saturday April 6, 2013. It was a blast.

My African Heart CD cover

My African Heart CD cover

This page did have a premix of one of the songs. I’m replacing it with a final mix of Soweto Serenade.

Bruce Cassidy (aka Fikile): This is a song co-written by Barney Rachabane and myself. Barney is a great alto saxophone player that I worked with in South Africa. We had a band together in the 80s called ‘Conversations’ and this is a song from that collaboration. You can hear Barney on Paul Simon’s Graceland album and see him in videos of the Graceland tour. The song is a bit tongue-in-cheek in that it starts out as a serenade but gets out of hand and that’s a take on the township party vibe. This is the first track of the album that I just released ‘My African Heart’. This track is long but I didn’t have the heart to cut it down – I dig the solos too much…

Soweto Serenade

Soweto Serenade personnel:
Bruce Cassidy – EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument
Kevin Turcotte – trumpet

John Johnson – alto sax
Kelly Jefferson – tenor sax
William Carn – trombone
Shirantha Beddage – baritone sax
Adrean Farrugia – piano
Aidan Mason – guitar
Kim Ratcliffe – guitar
Pat Kilbride – bass
Davide Direnzo – drums
Mark Kelso – percussion
Composed by Bruce Cassidy and Barney Rachabane
Published by Buca Music

Arranged by Bruce Cassidy
Recorded by Ian Terry at Humber College Recording Studios
Mixed by Bruce Cassidy
Produced by Bruce Cassidy
Direction and production help Paul Hoffert

Photo by Brenda Hoffert