MBBJE+Hotfoot Feb 2014 Bruce Cassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra is an exciting new ensemble boasting some of Canada’s hottest jazz musicians playing music that draws from a rich mix of jazz, funk, blues, and rhythm styles including original compositions and refreshing renderings of well know jazz classics.

In the early 70’s Bruce Cassidy played trumpet with several famous Canadian groups such as The Boss Brass, Lighthouse, and Dr. Music. After a stint as a faculty member of the Humber College Music Program Bruce embarked on a world tour as a featured soloist, arranger, composer and musical director with Blood Sweat and Tears.

This lead him to a long residency in Johannesburg, South Africa where he immersed himself in it’s rich music culture and explored many creative and musical endeavours becoming one of the most influential and prolific composer/producers in the country and amassing a huge list of credits in many music genres.

As well he became a pioneer on a new musical instrument the EVI (electric valve instrument). Bruce has made his long awaited return to his native Canada putting together his new ensemble that is a feast for the ears featuring an exciting group of musicians that has a growing anticipation from friends and music folk who can’t wait to come and hear them. This band became the template for the new David Clayton-Thomas band which Bruce formed to bring a fresh sound to the Blood Sweat and Tears format.

Bruce Cassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra is … a jazz band with a difference – a collection of eleven astute Jazz artists that prove that musical rebels can entertain and captivate an audience. Their refreshing off-the-wall approach to free Jazz, explores all the avenues of creative tonality and rhythm. Hotfoot is not only an exciting journey in an unique Jazz art form but an musical experience not to be missed.

Immediately after it’s formation in 2004 the group performed at the Montreal Bistro, the Rex Hotel, and a headline appearance at the Burlington Lakeport Jazz and Blues Festival. In February 2014 the band performed at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga Ontario in a combined setting with the Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble.


Bruce Cassidy  Arrangements, Trumpet and Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI)
Vern Dorge, Michael Stuart, Shirantha Beddage
Kevin Turcotte
William Carn
Adrean Farrugia Keyboards
Ted Quinlan
Pat Kilbride
Terry Clarke

Here is a pic of my Hotfoot Orchestra taken in 2003 at the Bassline Club in Melville, Johannesburg.




  1. Hello Bruce !

    I love your Transcription of Claire Fischer’s ‘Pensativa’ …

    I see the Score on You Tube … Where can I get those Instrument Parts

    to Download please ???!

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